My friend just sent me a screenshot of a post so credit to the original discoverer, but I want to help spread the word that the Moneypak virus has upgraded to dash posts. If you see a text post with a picture in it that shows up as one of those grey squares you have to click DO NOT DO IT. You could be infected. Reblog to save everyone! This virus is terrifying I am actually so freaked out I have like 10 followers from it.

Why not me?

So I guess he’s just better than me,

A dude I have never met before is somehow leagues ahead of me. in reality I’m headed somewhere. I study and work hard everyday towards a productive life. All he seems to do is play games. He even treats her like absolute shit. The coldest things I have ever heard, have come from this guys mouth. they were all directly at the woman I love. I showed her love. She never smiled or felt comfortable about herself until I came around. He’s just a mindless brute obsessed with materialism…… What am I saying? I’ve never even seen him before.The thing is…. She chose him… What’s wrong with me… Am I too nice? Am I not good looking enough? people say I look like a model, but am I actually just an average person? She showed me things she never showed him. She drew with me, wrote with me, even shared her deepest thoughts and realities…… I never knew what love was until she came….. Why wasn’t it me?